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6 Tips To Consider To Improve Your Sleep At Night

By:- Heritage Hospitals

Jun 02 2020

Some people find it quite hard to fall asleep when they are awake at 3 a.m. But do you know that you can have more control over your sleep than you think?  Yes, you can improve your sleep considering certain healthy sleep habits. It is easy to combat restlessness by following good sleep hygiene. Healthy sleeping is also beneficial for people who are affected by insomnia, shift work, or jet lag.

Here are 6 tips to consider improving your sleep:

  • Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine Other Drinks That Disturb Your Sleep:

Every coffee lover knows that consumption of caffeine is a great stimulant that helps you stay awake. Thus, it is recommended to avoid taking a cup of coffee for around 4 hours before bedtime. While Alcohol may help in falling asleep but after some time it works to stimulate and affects your quality of sleep.

  • Create A Sleep-Inducing Environment:

A dark, quiet, and cool environment help you fall asleep easily. To create such an environment, you have to use heavy curtains, blackout shades, a "white noise" appliance, or even an eye mask to block the light in the room. Also, keep the temperature normal and make sure you have comfortable pillows and mattress.

  • Go To Sleep If You Feel Tired:

Struggling to fall asleep can lead to frustration and stress. Thus, if you are feeling trouble falling sleep after 20 minutes, then you can go to another room and do some relaxing activities such as listening to music or reading books until you feel tired and fall asleep.

  • Avoid Being A Clock-Watcher

When you don't fall asleep, staring at the clock in your room can increase your stress and make it harder to get a sound sleep. Keep the lights of your room dim, turn the face of the clock away, and try to keep your eyes closed.

  • Keep Consistent Sleep:

Following a consistent sleep schedule is important to set an internal clock of the body. This will help you sleep at the same time each day. Also, try to stick on the same routine on the weekends and holidays as well while avoiding a Monday morning sleep hangover.

  • Take A Relaxing Shower:

Taking a relaxing shower is another popular way to get a sound sleep at night. If you don't want to take a full bath, you can simply wash your face, feet, and hands to feel relaxed.

Apart from this, you should reduce blue light exposure, avoid long naps at daytime, optimize your bedroom atmosphere or you can visit a psychiatrist in Varanasi. It is also important to relax your mind in the evening. All these tips will help you eliminate your sleep disorders and improve your sleep at night.

Getting a sound sleep will help you stay active all day long while make you feel focused on your work or other activities.

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