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How to Avoid Joint Injuries during Workout?

By:- Heritage Hospitals

Apr 28 2020

There is no denying the fact that doing exercises help you stay fit and healthy, but it is also important to understand that rigorous exercises can cause joint injury from mild to chronic level. Thus, to avoid joint injuries during exercises or workout sessions, there are certain things you should keep in mind.

What are the common causes of joint injuries during a workout session?

  • Overuse of any particular joint
  • Improper technique or training
  • Sudden trauma or fall
  • Sudden changes in direction during weightlifting
  • Repeated Impact

How to avoid joint injuries during a workout session?

  • Wear Right Equipment: One of the most important things you should keep in mind is wearing the right equipment during your workout session especially the wrong footwear. There are different types of aesthetic shoes available for exercises and workouts, make sure you choose the proper footwear for your activities.
  • Warm-Up:  It is advised to warm up your joints before doing exercise or any other workout activity. It helps to relax your joint throughout the movements and makes them more receptive.
  • Focus on Your Routine: Commonly, people perform only 2-3 specific exercises during their workout sessions. Continually doing the same exercises can put more strain on your joints and increase the risk of injuries. Thus, try not to limit your choices, mix up your routine, and enjoy different exercises and enjoy them.
  • Avoid Rigorous Exercise: Joint injuries can cause due to high impact exercises and activities. High impact exercises can put more stress on your joints and cause pain and discomfort. If you are facing any joint pain, then you should contact your personal trainer to suggest some low impact exercises.
  • Rest: You should not avoid taking rest while doing workout else it can cause joint injuries. You can take 1-2 days off in a week and give your body with proper rest especially if you are going to start something new at your gym.

Besides, the proper nutrient and balanced diet also contribute to joint health by providing your joints with healthy nutrients for resistance to wear and tear and ensure long term stability. You should follow a healthy lifestyle that is free from tobacco and other related toxins, that helps in ensuring proper supply of blood to tissues surrounding the joints.

If you are suffering from any pain and discomfort due to past joint injuries or excessive workout sessions in a week, then you should visit any experienced orthopedic doctor in Varanasi. All the orthopedic doctors at Heritage Hospitals are specialized in providing highly effective treatment for ligament tears, knee injuries, fractures of bones, and sports injuries.

From interarticular orthoscopic surgeries to fracture treatment by closed and open methods, they provide you with suitable treatment for your specific condition while providing you with precautionary tips.

Thus, if you are a fitness enthusiast, follow the above tips to avoid joint injuries during workout sessions and ensure your joint health.

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