Blood Bank


The Blood Bank at the hospital operates a "donate blood, get blood" policy, which means that to get blood from the blood bank at Heritage, the recipient party has to donate blood in return, this is done to ensure the blood bank is adequately replenished at all times.

Please go through the below mentioned basic guidelines for blood donation, regarding the criteria on who can be a donor. In addition to the below mentioned general guidelines, the blood bank at Heritage Hospital will carry out strict clinical screening before certifying a donor as fit for donation and accepting blood from the recipient party.

The blood bank also reserves the right to selectively choose the blood group it accepts from donors, in order to maintain a balance in the different blood groups it has in its stocks.

General Guidelines for Blood Bank ( Criteria for Donors ) :

Blood Type Can Donate Blood To Can Receive Blood From Available Units
A+ A+,AB+ A+,A-,O+,O- 0
O+ O+,A+,B+,AB+ O+,O- 42
B+ B+,AB+ B+,B-,O+,O- 70
AB+ AB+ Everyone 28
A- A+,A-,AB+,AB- A-,O- 31
O- Everyone O- 22
B- B+,B-,AB+,AB- B-,O- 11
AB- AB+,AB- AB-,A-,B-,O- 29


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