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Opthalmology (Eye)

The Department of Ophthalmology at Heritage Hospital has earned its distinction as the best eye hospital in Varanasi, offering the highest quality eye care through personalized treatment, advanced technology and equipment, and a multi-disciplinary approach. As a leading ophthalmology hospital in Varanasi, our Department has access to sophisticated diagnostic facilities and medical equipment that assists our doctors in providing the best treatment to preserve, enhance, and monitor your eye health.


Our Ophthalmology Department provides holistic diagnostic and disease management services, from routine eye check-ups to performing complex eye surgeries; our doctors are available to assist and guide you on your treatment journey. 


The Department features high-tech facilities, including OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), perimetry, slit lamps, ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, tonometers, laser technology for refractive surgeries like LASIK and glaucoma, corneal topography, and fundus camera. Moreover, our Department has state-of-the-art surgical suites with specialized ophthalmic microscopes, phacoemulsification machines, and other surgical instruments for eye surgeries and procedures like cataract surgery and vitrectomy. 


Recognized as the leading eye hospital in Varanasi, our eye doctors have multi-decade experience in addressing a wide spectrum of conditions impacting vision, including cataracts, glaucoma, vision defects, eye infections and allergies. Our doctors perform essential eye surgeries and procedures using high-tech surgical equipment, including glaucoma surgery, intravitreal injection, cataract and Phaikil IOL, and Ptosis surgery. Moreover, we have 24/7 emergency admission and consultancy services available where our ophthalmologists can address acute eye injuries and urgent eye conditions.


Heritage Hospital - The Leading Eye Hospital in Varanasi 


Heritage Hospital, one of the leading eye hospitals in Varanasi, is designed to offer extensive medical and surgical eye care aimed at the protection, preservation, enhancement, and restoration of vision. Here are some reasons why Heritage Hospital is one of the best choices for eye treatment in Varanasi: 


  • Personalized Treatment 

Our team of experienced ophthalmologists provides an aligned treatment plan after understanding your eye health, visual needs, and personal preferences. After assessing the diagnostic reports and the patient's condition, our doctors can recommend the best strategy to alleviate the pain and discomfort due to eye problems. 


  • Advanced Technology and Equipment 

Our ophthalmology-specific diagnostics, such as Perimetry and OCT Scans, along with the high-tech diagnostic facility, like 3 Tesla MRI, assists our eye doctors in diagnosing ocular condition accurately and precisely. Whether it's refractive surgery like LASIK, cataract surgery, or complex retinal and corneal procedures, our ophthalmologists leverage advanced laser and surgical technologies to offer the most effective treatments.


  • Multi-Disciplinary Approach 

At Heritage Hospital, providing multi-disciplinary services, where doctors and facilities from different disciplines are easily available, is essential to provide complete healthcare treatment. That's why, 

our team of ophthalmologists extends to collaboration with other departments to address eye conditions related to underlying medical issues.

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What do we Treat? - Common Diseases and Conditions

At Heritage Hospital, we follow a patient-centric approach where our eye doctors prioritize the health and safety of our patients. With a motive to cure the root cause, not just symptoms, our doctors perform a comprehensive evaluation and tests to detect the root cause and its severity. After assessing the reports, condition, and severity, our doctors will recommend the best available treatment and discuss all the benefits, risks, and alternative options with patients. 

Our doctors and team of medical staff at the ophthalmology hospital in Varanasi specialize in treating and catering to different conditions, including: 


Your eye health is crucial to your overall well-being. You can do several things to maintain health and ensure your vision is at its best. To keep your eyes healthy far into your elderly years, adhere to these straightforward recommendations.

  • Maintain your Blood Sugar Levels.

  • Have a thorough dilated eye examination.

  • Eat healthily to preserve your vision.

  • Know the history of eye disease in your family.

  • Keep a healthy weight.

  • Quit Smoking or never start.

  • Wear safety glasses.

  • You should rest your eyes. 

  • Clean your hands well, and also your contact lenses.

  • Practise eye safety at work.

Diagnostic Facilities

As one of the best eye hospitals in Varanasi, we offer various specialized ophthalmology tests. It aids our eye doctors in accurately diagnosing various ocular conditions and planning the subsequent course of treatment to ensure the best outcomes.

Surgery Available in Opthalmology (Eye)

Depending on the diagnosis and the patient's health, you may need surgery to ensure that the body's ocular system performs at its best. We perform all the essential treatments and procedures required to treat the eye condition to alleviate the discomfort and help the patient live a healthy life. Our modern technology equipment and diagnostic facilities assist our doctors in providing best-in-class treatment to bring better outcomes. Here are the different surgeries and procedures we offer:

Doctors in Opthalmology (Eye)

The Department of Ophthalmology at Heritage Hospital comprises a team of skilled and highly-trained ophthalmologists, pediatric ophthalmologists, nurses, technicians, emergency eye care doctors, and assistants to provide high-standards and ethical care to our patients. Meet our experienced and board-certified doctor who leads the Ophthalmology Department:

Opthalmology (Eye) Department Facility

Heritage Hospital's skilled team of eye doctors and medical staff work in harmony and tandem to provide comprehensive eye care services. From initial consultation to post-operative recovery and discharge, our medical team is available 24/7 to guide and assist you on your treatment journey. As a super-speciality ophthalmology hospital in Varanasi, our department has access to the necessary infrastructure for support services. Here are some facilities that make our hospital best for eye treatment for acute to chronic conditions: 


  • OPD consultations available: Monday - Saturday

  • 24/7 emergency consultation and admission services.

  • Round-the-clock blood bank support

  • Advanced critical care facilities to support emergency eye conditions

  • Laser and surgical technology with high-end diagnostic facilities available

  • Well-built infrastructure facilities with state-of-the-art imaging and surgical suite. 


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