Heritage Foundation

Heritage foundation a non profit NGO which functions for the benefits of the people in Eastern U.P running programs. The organization carries out several activities. The achievements of the society are as below.

Medical awareness programme

Heritage Foundation always organizes medical camps in rural areas for poor people to increase health awareness The medical camps are as:-







Youth development programme

To skill up gradation and creating livelihood option by organizing training on enterprise development and conducting courses like driving, preparation of pesticide repellent, making micro emitters, compost making activities, etc.

Free surgery programme of cleft lip and palate with Smile Train

One of our core philosophies is following a stringent set of ethics when it comes to medical care and we strongly believe in being transparent with patients and their attendants to ensure a convenient experience at the Hospital.

Pulse polio program

The society organizes camp of polio vaccination and drops of medicines in District, Varanasi, on this occasion a large number of children were vaccinated by the volunteers of the society.

Family planning awareness programme

Considering very high level of reluctance on part of the villagers to adopt the family planning methods the population explosion has taken place-causing deterioration in the available sources like, Food, Education, and Housing Employment etc. A camp was organized by the society at to raise awareness about the bad effects of the disproportionate growth in the population. Help of audio-visual techniques was taken to make the presentation more effective. At the end of the camp condoms and contraceptive pills were distributed among the villagers.

Women development programme

We organized a camp in the rural area of Varanasi district in Cholapur village where we provide following facilities to women.



Sanitation and hygienic awareness programme

About 2.4 billion people globally live under highly unsanitary conditions and have such poor hygiene behaviors that their exposure to risks of incidence and spread of infectious diseases, are enormous. Heritage Foundation has been at the forefront of environmental sanitation and hygiene action over the past years and developed some key materials intended for policy-makers and technical people dealing with these issues. These materials include guidelines, best practice documents and promotion materials. Our volunteers always go in the villages and tell the people how to live neat and clean.

Programme on mentally retreated person

The Foundation’s initial commitment was to children with MR/DD. That dedication remains strong today, and it has been augmented by additional, related commitments due to our recognition of the complexity of needs associated the MR/DD population.

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