Support Services

Food & Beverage Services - Talk about the F&B Infrastructure, Hygiene in food preparation, relation to dietetics - How it helps in the overall treatment of the patient and along those lines. 


Blood Bank / Blood Centre - Blood Bank infrastructure / FAQ;s Related to blood. Real time blood bank status - this should be provided through the backend to be updated every day - Information regarding licensing etc. 


CSSD - The importance of CSSD in a NABH hospital - What CSSD quality control aspects are followed and are implemented - What is the infrastructural aspects which should be highlighted. 


Infection Control - What is the relevance of infection control in a modern super speciality hospital. There will be a lowdown regarding the infection control protocol and practises which are adhered to - which will be explained. 


Bio-Medical Waste Disposal - What protocols and policies are in place - which are adhered to with respect to NABH norms and without it as well. These are to be outlined and explained in a manner which adds to the value proposition of the facility. 

Life is Precious, Why Compromise