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Opthalmology (Eye)

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Cataract & Phaikil IOL

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Cataract & Phaikil IOL

Cataract & Phaikil IOL

Dr. Preeti Agrawal

(MS, DNB (Ophthalmology) )


Senior Consultant Ophthalmology


Opthalmology (Eye)



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a) This is done for cataract b) Phaikil IOL is done for removing power of glasses.
Through a small hole the Cataract is removed a new less implanted. In Phaikil IOL an IOL is placed over the natural lens for the power adjustment.
20 minute to 40 minute.
Infection, inflammation. Red eye residual power to be left
1)Depends upon type of surgery, Normally from Rs. 15,000-20,000/- 2) > Rs. 45000/-
For Cataract – Yes For Phaikil – Not always
1)few hour 2) In case of cans & ECHS 1 day
Within 10 days (normally after 3-4 days)
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