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Neuro Surgery

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Micro Neuro Surgery For Brain Tumors

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Micro Neuro Surgery For 
Brain Tumors

Micro Neuro Surgery For 
Brain Tumors

Dr. Alok Ojha

(MS, MCh, DNB (Neuro Surgery))


Senior Consultant Neuro Surgeon


Neuro Surgery


Neuro Surgery

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Tumor is operated under Magnification of Microscope so that maximum of Brain tissue is saved and maximum of brain tumour can be removed without much neurological deficit.
Synthetic material used during surgery are Gel foam, bone wax, oxidized celluslose and titanium plates and screws for bone fixation.
This depends upon on the location , size and nature of brain tumor.
This is variable from 3 hrs to 8 – 10 hrs, depending on the location, size and nature of brain tumor.
Patient remains unconscious for few days, can develop weakness in one side of the body, difficulty in speech, patient might need ventilator support in the initial post operative period.
Normally, one day after surgery if the patient is fully conscious.
Normally, Routine surgery for brain tumour patient is admitted one day prior so that all the investigations for the fitness of anaesthesia and surgery can be done.
Around 1 lakh minimum some times patient need admission for longer duration because of some complications, bed charges and medicine cost might increase.
No, 50 – 60% payment can be done for O.T. clearance.
Yes, if person is properly insured.
Normally, 7-10 days, some times more in case of any complications.
Variable, depending on the nature and spread of the disease.
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